Proven Security Solutions for Homes and Commercial Enterprises

Commercial Security

Our unique solutions include “proactive” live video monitoring, perimeter protection, access door controls as-a-service and cloud-based monitoring solutions. We also provide video and alert intrusion detection systems for the residential market.

SecuCast is licensed by the Private Security Bureau of the Texas Department of Public Safety under license number B16189.

Car dealerships are among the biggest targets for vandalism and theft. Protect and monitor your valuable automotive inventory from burglary, bad weather and other potential incidents.

Keep your employees and your machinery safe with custom-designed perimeter monitoring for construction yards, scrap yards and other large outdoor spaces containing valuable property.

Electronic security systems are more cost-effective and less error-prone than security guards. Live video surveillance provides you with the capability to monitor every section of your neighborhood at all times – something a person on foot or in a car can’t do.

Fires and explosions pose as much of a threat in power plants as intruders. With a leading-edge detection system in place, you can avoid the potential disaster of a fire in your facility.

As with auto dealerships, roofing material companies are popular targets for intruders, since their valuable materials are often left outdoors on job sites or in construction yards. Keep a virtual eye on your materials with video monitoring and perimeter protection.

Your customers’ possessions are not only valuable – in some cases, they’re irreplaceable. Safeguard their belongings with live video monitoring, and prevent not only theft and vandalism but damage caused by flooding, smoke and other factors.

Keep your employees and your office equipment safe and sound with video and alert intrusion detection and perimeter protection.

Retail shops are irresistible to thieves, in part because of the ease in which stolen goods can be transported and resold. Incorporating an effective video security solution is imperative for retail location owners.

Residential Security

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your loved ones. The potential for harm caused by a home intrusion goes beyond simple loss or damage of property – it is a traumatic experience for everyone involved. SecuCast understands this and is ready to give you the peace of mind that comes with securing both your family and your valuable possessions.

Take control of your home safety with personalized, weatherproof solutions including 24-hour remote video monitoring and gated entry surveillance. And make use of convenient mobile access to manage the security of your home at anytime, from anywhere.

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