Remote Video Surveillance

Protect your Property deterring crime before it happens.

Safeguard your business from intruders and crime with our innovative security systems, including live video surveillance, outdoor perimeter protection and managed access control. Our professional security designers will assist to you determining the best solution to protect your business, installation, service and 24/7 support.

Proactive Live-Video Monitoring

Don’t wait for a crime to occur – prevent it with our Virtual Guard monitoring service: real-time, active incident monitoring and instant notification technology.

Perimeter Protection

Monitor your property and stop intrusions before they start – or reduce the occurrence of false alarms – with our state-of the-art perimeter protection systems.

Managed Access Control

Keep your home or property (as well as those who live or work there) safe with our full-service access control solutions, which can be customized to meet your needs.

Mobile Access Control

Harness the power of video face recognition and to or grant access to your home or business directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Event Logic Processing

Track and analyze event-related data to determine patterns or discern areas and times where additional security is needed.

Cloud-Based System Monitoring

Store and access your data on our secure cloud-based servers, and eliminate the need for expensive, failure-prone in-house hardware.

Who We Serve

Located in San Antonio, TX, SecuCast has been serving the needs of our clients for over a decade. Whether you’re a commercial business owner interested in protecting your facilities from theft, or a homeowner concerned about the safety of your family, we have a security solution that’s right for you.

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